WEEKSy - Employee working time tracking and management system

Employee attendance planning and tracking

By workday scheduling for each employee and with the help of their attendance monitoring module you will be able to track subsequently employee attendance.

Attendance tracking by software

Drawing up standard, shift work and individual work schedules

Tracking hourly work

Rechecking/verification of employee attendance by a manager

Human resources administration

The HR administration module will help you easily administer employees, aggregate complete personal and biographical data in one space, track the processes properly and proactively.

Employee ID card

Employee’s complete bibliographic information

Employee’s employment, transfer, discharge

Encouragement and reprimand

Generating references with the help of templates

Binding scanned documents

Inventory management

The equipment module will help you easily monitor the equipment handed over to employees

Equipment handing over to an employee

Return of equipment

Equipment transfer to another employee


Based on employee attendance, leave, and other records/documents, the automated payroll module will help you easily track accrued payroll.

Automatic payroll preparation

Insurance and tracking of other benefits

Transfer of payroll data to Excel file

Task management

The task management module will help you track the tasks/jobs assigned to employees and monitor their performance process.

Determining a task with indication of the responsible person and performance deadline

Monitoring the task performance process

Involving observers into the task

Consolidation of tasks in a profile of projects